Reusable Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Envelope – Bag with holes

sacos ecologicos reutilizaveis com furos titulo Reusable Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Envelope – Bag with holes

sacos ecologicos reutilizaveis com furos


These envelopes are manufactured with materials collected from end users, promoting the reuse of raw materials and reducing the plastics discarded in the environment.

PCR products manufactured by ELC use at least 70% post consumer content.

ELC uses only products that are certified by EUCertPlast.

The production process at ELC is also certified by a partner who grants the PCR seal via ISO 14021

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  • Postal Bag;
  • Cash Transportation;
  • Medicines;
  • Armed Forces.


  • Reusable and Ecological;
  • Inviolable: proof of oils, solvents, gases, intense cold or heat;
  • Closed using security seal;
  • Resists tearing and puncture;
  • Safe and practice system;
  • Optional: a pocket to put notes and observations.s

Reusable Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Envelope – Holed bag

OOur bag with holes works as a postal bag, closed using a security seal, which provides greater security and control. It cannot be opened at extreme temperatures or with Freon gas action. Reusable, economical and "environmentally friendly". It doesn’t have contaminating adhesives and is fully recyclable, which reduces "plastic waste". In coextruded polypropylene (opaque or transparent gray).

Polypropylene Bag with Holes

Reusable bag with holes (co-extruded polypropylene and opaque gray color), 300 microns thick (150 per wall), with a security seal-based closure system, which provides greater control and security.

Instructions Price
Useful measures (mm)
SF39 #SF391650
SF53 #521560 521x560

Clipinlock Seal

When it comes to a security process, we recommend the Clipinlock seal to close bags with holes, because it has an internal metal clip that ensures a high security closure, making it impossible to manipulate (open).

– Numbering, personalization and barcode 128C applied to the seal blade. Total length 387 mm. Tensile strength: 30kgf.

Instructions Price


Quantity: Up to 25,000 pieces.
Color: Opaque gray.
Raw material: 3-layer coextruded polyethylene film.
Film thickness: 300 microns (150 per wall).
Personalization: Matt gray, with instructions for use.
Quantity: From 25,000 pieces.
Colors: Up to 4 colors; for more colors, contact us.
Film thickness: Consult us.
Personalization: Up to 4 colors; for more colors, contact us.
External window: Upon consultation..

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