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Reusable bags Ballzip MB are 100% tamper free evident and have been designed to replaced lock and key bags. Strong and light, the bags feature an easy to handle system. Cost effective Plik seals mad ein polypropylene.

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  • Value transportation
  • Internal correspondence
  • Bank deposits


  • Exclusive locking mechanism
  • 100% tamper proof
  • With heavy duty nylon handle
  • Available in canvas or in PVC
  • Internal and external address windows in transparent plastic

MB Ballzip Bags

MB Ballzip Bags are manufactured in canvas or in PVC. They may be used several times with the use of Plik security seals. Available in many colors.

MB Ballzip Bags 34/42/15 # 700H344215PVC -Bags to be used in value transportation and internal and external correspondence. The red bags above are made in PVC. Dimensions 34x42x15cm.

User Instructions Quotation
MB Ballzip Bags are available in many sizes. The full opening of the bag makes it easier to handle their contents.

MB Ball zip Bags 44/63/18 # 700H446318LONA -Bags to be used in value transportation and internal and external correspondence. The green bags above are made in canvas. Dimensions: 44x63x18cm.

User Instructions Quotation
Product Ref. Size (cm)
MB 23/30/15-18 700H233015 23 x 30 x 15-18
MB 34/42/15-18 700H344215 34 x 42 x 15-18
MB 37/42/15-18 700H374215 37 x 42 x 15-18
MB 37/50/15-18 700H375015 37 x 50 x 15-18
MB 44/63/15-18 700H446315 44 x 63 x 15-18

-Supplied with alphanumeric numbering in high relief.


- Supplied in mas with 10 pieces, numbering in hot stamping.

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Plik seal in 10 pc mat



Quantity: Bags - from 5 to 50 pcs; Seals – minimum order quantity 10,000 seals.
Colors: Bags – Please consult; Seals – yellow, orange or blue (YL, OR and BL).
Fabrics / code: Bags – green or blue PVC and green canvas.
Personalization: Not available
Numbering: bags - Non repetitive, with 5 alphanumeric digits in hot stamping; Seals - Non repetitive, with 7 numeric digits in hot stamping or alphanumericos in high relief.
Window: internal useful dimensions W=150mm x H=110mm. | external access, useful measures 27x11cm.


Quantity: Bags – more than 50 pcs; Seals – more than 10,000 seals.
Colors: Bags – Pleae consult; Seal – dark blue, brown, gray, light gray, red, green, and the standard colors (DB, BR, DG, GY, RD e GR).
Fabrics: Bags – orange PVC - 830 (OR), orange PVC 821 (OR), blue PVC - 832 (BL), dark blue PVC - 834 (DB), green PVC - 833 (GR), yellow PVC - 854 (YL), red PVC - 890 (RD), green canvas 10 (GR).
Personalization: Bags – up to two colors in serigraphy; Seals – Please consult
Numbering: Bags – The same as standard orders; Seals - 7 random digits in hot-stamping or in high relief.
Window: internal useful dimensions W=150mm x H=110mm and/or external access.

Fabrics Colors Code
PVC 830 Orange OR
PVC 821 Orange OR
PVC 832 Blue BL
PVC 834 Dark Blue DB
PVC 833 Green GR
PVC 854 Yellow YL
PVC 890 Red RD
LONA 10 Green GR

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