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The state-of-the-art Snapseal Bag, with its improved security, was created to replace keyed zipper bags that can be tampered in the seam or in the zipper itself. The Snapseal Bag weighs 1kg less than a common canvas bag. In other words, you will definitely save money in your air freights. The inexpensive plastic seal eliminates the heavy padlock and the burdensome keys. Fast and easy handling, alphanumeric or barcoded, the seal ensures the inviolability of the bag.

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  • Value transportation
  • Correspondence exchange
  • Bank deposit


  • 100%  fraud proof
    High resistance nylon
    Fungus proof, impermeable, with an additive flame retardant
    It does not hurt your hands nor your nails
    Optional: barcode seals

Snapseal Bags

Snapseal Bags are produced in cordura nylon or in many types of PVC improved with polyester. It is reusable for many times, with a Snapseal seal closure. There are many color options available (see Fabric and Colour Table).

- This bag is used for documents and value transportation between companies or internally. The bag is produced in the DuPont cordura nylon or in PVC, measuring 44cm of width, 63cm of length and 18cm of height.

How-to-Use Price

- This bag is used for documents and value transportation between companies or internally. The bag is produced in the DuPont cordura nylon or in PVC, measuring 36cm of width, 40cm of length and 15cm of height.

How-to-Use Price
Product Code Size (cm)
SS 44/63/18 Bag
600H446318 44 x 63 x 18
SS 36/40/15 Bag
600H364015 36 x 40 x 15
SS 28/30/15 Bag
600H283015 28 x 30 x 15
SS 21/30/15 Bag
600H213015 21 x 30 x 15
SS 13/20/09 Bag
600H132009 13 x 20 x 09

Snapseal Seal

This seal is produced in polypropylene; hot stamped numbers are available.

- Available in mats of 10 connected seals, with 7 hot stamped digits.



Quantity: Bags - from 5 to 50 pieces; Seals – up to 10,000 seals.
Colors / code: bag – see fabric/code; Seals - yellow, orange and blue (YL, OR and BL).
Fabric / code: Bags – green cordura nylon (CRGR).
Personalization: Not available.
Numbering: bags - No repetitions, with 5 hot-stamped alphanumeric digits; Seals - Non repetitive, with 7 alphanumeric hot stamped digits.
Bag window: Internal access   W=145mm x H=100mm.
Quantity: Bags – more than 50 pieces; Seals – more than 10,000 seals.
Colors / codes: Bags – see fabric/code; Seals – dark blue, brown, gray, light gray, red, green and the standard colors (DB, BL, DG, GY, RD and GR).
Fabric / code: Bags – orange PVC - MP05714 (PVOR), dull orange  PVC - MP10316 (PVDO), blue PVC - KP500 (PVBL), dark blue PVC - MP10316 (PVDB), green PVC - MP10316 (PVGR), yellow PVC - MP05312 (PVYL), green fabric – canvas  10 (CVGR), green cordura nylon  (CRGR), blue cordura nylon (CRBL), red cordura nylon (CRRD).
Personalization: Bags – up to two colors per printing – Please, consult us on seals personalization.
Numbering: Bags – The same as the "standard" ordering; Seals – 7 random digits, in hot stamping .
Bag window: Internal access, measurements W = 150 mm x H = 110 mm and/or external access measurements W = 255 mm x H = 95 mm.

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