Leverlock System

lacre de seguranca sistema leverlock Leverlock System

lacre de seguranca sistema leverlock


The Leverlock System combines a clear tag (10x5cm), that labels and seals mailing or currency bags. With its adjustable cord, Leverlock provides a secure and effortless tightening system, without the use of any tools. Leverlock can be integrated with modern tracking systems through barcode seals. The Leverlock System received a gold medal at the 6th International Convention for Invention & New Technology, in Switzerland.

medalhas geneva sistema leverlock


  • Clothes tags
  • Currency bags
  • Postal bags


  • Labels, ties and seals bags of any size
  • 100% inviolable plastic seal
  • Reusable many times
  • High relief numbering, hot stamp or laser marked for the barcode

Leverlock System

Leverlock system features a tag (PR-02), a nylon cord or an injected cord, an adjustable tightening lever and security seals (Plik and SS-02).

- It features a nylon cord of 18cm and it is sealed with SS-02 or Bestlock security seals. It also offers optional hot stamping personalization.

How-to-Use Price

- Security seal that features a blade of 8 numeric digits and a barcode according to the IML (In Mold Label) process. The label is melted down with the seal at the moment of the seal injection.

How-to-Use Price


Quantity: Leverlock PR-02 - from 50 until 2,000 seals; SS-02 up to 10,000 seals
Colors / Codes: Leverlock - clear (CL); SS-02 – blue (BL)
Personalization: Not available
Package: Leverlock – Boxes of 500 seals; SS-02 – bags of 500 seals and boxes of 5,000 seals
Numbering:  Leverlock PR-02 - 6 hot stamping digit; SS-02 - barcode 128-C. It features a 7-digit numbering system and a check digit, laser marked on paper.
Quantity:  Leverlock – more than 2,000; SS-02 – more than 10,000
Colors / Codes:  Leverlock - clear (CL); SS-02 – available only in (BL)
Personalization:  Leverlock, SS-02 – logo and other characters in the area of personalization;
Numbering: Leverlock PR-02 - 6 hot stamped digits ; SS-02 - barcode 128C. It features a 7-digit numbering system.


Code Type of Seal Numbering Personalization
095P18PP Leverlock PR-02 nylon cord  of 18 cm Ink-jet High Relief
SS02B128PP SS02 128C IML IML

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