Enzymatic biodegradable additive products

Enzymatic biodegradable additive products

This product line receives a conventional plastic additive as is done in the oxy-biodegradable. This additive, which contains no heavy metals, is a mixture of vegetable oils and other organic compounds that are metabolized by microorganisms.

The species contained in the additive will bind to the plastic matrix allowing its degradation by the enzymes of these same microorganisms. This allows the enzymatically added plastic to degrade in the absence of light and water, conditions commonly found inside sanitary landfills.

The rate of degradation of products added with enzyme is a little slower than with other methods; however, the product with this additive is the least eco-toxic that can be found among conventional plastics with additives.

ELC is certified in this technology by Bio-Tec (USA).

Tests are performed according to from Norm ASTM D5208 to Norm ASTM 5511.

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