sentrinel tapes and labels


These seals were especially produced for situations when high resistance is required. The bolt seals can withstand very low and high temperatures, such as -40ºC or 110ºC and severe environmental conditions. They can be personalized with letters or logo and laser marked numbering.

tamper evident label aplications

  • Safety and Emission Decals arning Seals
  • Asset Tracking and Identification Labels
  • Sterilization and Testing kit Seals
  • Sealing Boxes
  • Automated Teller Cash Cassetes

  • Custom Adhesive Formulations
  • Tamper Evidence with VOID or Custom message
  • Serial Numbering for Control and Traceability
  • Fluorescent Pigments for Verification of Authenticity
  • Custom Colors Available

Tamper Evident Sentrinel Label

Tinted, chemically-treated, polyethylene film, acrylic-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. Red is the standard color. Outer surface receptive to most imprinting systems. Internally, our standard line presents the words VOID and/or Opened, and its minimum durability is one (1) year. Tear-off receipt to eliminate possible transcription errors.

Tamper Evident Label  # XMSN Labels of 7 cm (2.75") wide by 2.5 cm (1") high.

star adhesive tamper evident roll 2

Rolls of 500 units

Tamper Evident Sentrinel Tape

Tamper Evident SENTRINEL Tape 50.8mm x 55 meters (2” x 180’) red base, white tint, BLACK SUB-SURFACE TEXT. Numbers and perforations every 9”, soft, high tack rubber based adhesive.

Tamper Evident SENTRINEL # XDR2156RD - Tamper Evident Tape measures 50.8mm x 55 meters (2” x 180’) red base, with sequential serial-numbers and perforations every 9”.



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